Turnkey Communication & Marketing Solutions

Technology is changing how we communicate, make buying decisions, and even how we spend our free time. To survive in today’s fast-paced environment, businesses must adapt and engage with customers in new ways. Comark Direct helps companies order, send and track relevant multichannel communication- all from one central platform. Our custom solutions simplify communication and lower your marketing costs so you can focus on your customers.

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Boost ROI & response rates

  • Streamline marketing processes

  • Convert leads to sales

Access a complete marketing supply chain

Reduce costs and increase accuracy with integrated printing and fulfillment solutions from Comark Direct. Our innovative technology solutions and fulfillment expertise allow us to efficiently produce high-quality materials of any kind. Eliminate the administrative hassles of print management by working with commercial printing, fulfillment and warehousing experts.

Enable your business to do more with less

As marketing evolves, customers want more relevant communication and business leaders expect marketers to increase profits with limited budgets. Working with Comark Direct enables companies to do just that with innovative tools for simplifying communication and marketing.

Production and FulfillmentProvide your team with access to complete marketing supply chain including: online ordering, automation, data and analytics, creative, full-scale printing, mailing, fulfillment and distribution.
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Data and AnalyticsTrack campaign results across all channels and optimize your data to increase marketing effectiveness with: custom data management and analytics solutions.
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Communication and Marketing PortalStreamline marketing communications, maintain brand control, and manage spending with a centralized portal for ordering and tracking collateral and communication campaigns.
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Multichannel MarketingCreate, execute and automate the delivery of marketing messages across multiple channels including email, direct mail, web sites, personalized landing pages, social media and mobile.
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